Pre-Diabetic Screening & Nutritional Counseling

Where healing reaches down to the source and care means what it should, The Wellness Studio has a pre-diabetic screening and nutritional counseling program that combines the education you need with the energizing power you want from your diet.

Why It Works

Tailoring the program to suit each individual’s needs, we use a three-pillar approach that includes educating, energizing and empowering you as a unique person to achieve the goals you set.

You will learn how to recognize the unhealthy markers of an at-risk lifestyle and how to correct them before they become a real, tangible problem. These markers can include anything from bad habits to poor eating choices and knowing why you feel the way you do, all while giving you the motivation to make a change. We aim to help you maintain a quality blood sugar level, correct your nutritional definiteness, and naturally give your system the balance it needs to perform at its highest level.

Once you begin to make changes, you will see an increase in energy, watching as your body visibly changes, your blood sugar normalizes, your stress levels reduce, and you gain energy like you never have before.

Once you see these changes, you finally feel empowered. You are in control, from your weight to your sugar levels to your all around wellness, and it feels great.

Don’t let the fear of uncertainty or the frustration of dozens of failed programs keep you from trying. Our program and our specialists are here to help!

How It Works

Broken down into 5 steps, our program is easy to start and simple to follow. Each step is directed toward targeting an area of weakness in your diet, making sure that you are eventually making all of the right decisions when it comes to your health.

We will first assess your health, evaluating your symptoms and discussing the conditions that you are at risk for developing. Once we understand how your body works, we then tailor a dietary program just to you, which consist of three meals a day and snacks that properly proportion protein and carbs in order to optimize your diet. In this way, your body starts using your abdominal fat for fuel, giving it what it needs, and giving you the look you want. Without the hunger cravings.

When you are within reach of your goals, we reassess and fine tune your nutritional plan, correcting small issues and resulting in revers pre-diabetes, a healthy weight, and the pride that comes with being healthy the right way.

See how this process has changed people’s lives, and find out your Wellness Index Condition Optimal (WICO) score today! Contact us and let us help you on the road to health.