Headaches & Migraines

Searching a Cure for your Headache?

Are you one of those who very frequently spend their days in agony given by a headache? If you wish to get rid of this headache, the first thing you’ll have to do is learn about the different types of headaches that exist. There are over 200 reasons that cause headaches. Headaches resulting due to different causes have been sorted into two categories:

i. Primary Headaches – Most types of headaches fall into this category. They occur because of something wrong in the head or the neck. Most of them feel very similar to the person suffering. Pain is felt in pulses and one or both sides of the head. The duration of the pain may range from three hours to three days.

ii. Secondary Headaches – Headaches that occur due to causes outside the head or neck fall in this category. Secondary headaches act as symptoms to other underlying problems. The reason behind secondary headaches may range from harmless to very harmful. Certain symptoms point out to the nature of secondary headaches and making sufferers visit their physicians.

How Much Do You Know About Headaches?


Types of Headaches

Tension headaches

Ever felt that headache that keeps nagging at the sides or back of your head without causing any extreme pain that disrupts daily activities? Such a headache can be called a tension headache.

Cluster headaches

Cluster headaches refer to headaches that happen periodically – in certain cycles or groups. The cause behind it is neurological. Sufferers of cluster headaches experience severe pain mostly at one side of the head along with visible symptoms of the pain such as runny nose or watery eye. Every 1 person in 1000 people is estimated to suffer from cluster headaches.

Sinus headaches

Sinus is one of the most well know causes of headaches. A sinus infection causes inflammation around the sinus tissues and thus leads to pain and often an increment in body temperature. Sinus infections are to be treated with drugs prescribed by your doctor.
Rebound headaches

This news may sound alarming to those who experience frequent headaches – pain killers used to alleviate headaches end up acerbating them. There are two explanations for this phenomenon.

i) The frequent usage of painkillers causes the brain to get excited. This excitement causes more headaches.

ii) At first the pain is alleviated because of presence of painkillers in the bloodstream. The brain becomes used to the presence of painkillers. However, as the level of medication in the blood stream goes down, the headache rebounds and sometimes with increased intensity.

Migraine headaches

The cause of frequently occurring migraine headaches often lies in the genetic heritage of the sufferer. A headache may be categorized as a migraine one if it fulfills two of these four criteria:

- Pain in one side of the head
- Pulsating pain
- Intensity of pain ranges between moderate to severe. Pain inhibits daily routine work
- Pain is accompanied by nausea or actual vomiting or it is triggered by lights or sounds

 Furthermore, migraine headaches can also lead to distortions in vision and restrict hand movement. The duration of the pain ranges between four and 72 hours. To classify a headache as migraine, it should be preceded by at least five episodes of similar headaches.

Headache & Migraine Treatment

Many years of clinical research points to the fact that most of the problem associated with spinal misalignment and its consequences can be associated with the atlas vertebra, the top cervical bone in the neck. This single bone can effect the alignment of the entire spine. The spine is like a chain—when the first link is twisted and turned, each link down to the last turns—thereby disrupting the rest of the chain. Consider the atlas the first and therefore the most important link in that chain.One of the ways of permanently getting headaches cured is chiropractic treatment. This treatment adjusts the spine in a way that makes the neuromusculoskeletal system less susceptible to stress allowing your body to heal naturally. Some chiropractic treatments upper cervical specific techniques are designed to realign the most neurologically based bone in your body called C1 otherwise known as atlas.

The human body is balanced when the head is positioned in the center of the feet. When the atlas is misaligned it causes the head to tilt. The spine then shifts to support the weight of the head, thereby creating biomechanical and postural misalignments .
When the atlas bone is properly aligned, that is in the neutral position, the rest of the spinal vertebra come into better alignment allowing the body to heal itself. The delicate and complex connections of the nervous system allow communication between the systems of the body.

When the atlas vertebra is subjected to stresses and strains, it may be pushed out of proper alignment. Trauma may include a physical trauma such as a auto accident, improper lifting, exercising, work stresses, improper computer to body placement, chemical stresses such as food allergy ,typical allergic reactions such as hay grass ect or chemical stress related reactions that can cause muscles to become tight therefore causing misalignment leading to a headache as well.

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