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About Our Holistic Care

The Wellness Studio & Chiropractic is committed to providing the highest quality chiropractic care in Ambler, Horsham, & Maple Glen. Ambler Chiropractor, Dr. Scott Solomon and Dr. Seung Kim believes in indentifying & treating the cause of each patient's discomfort instead of just the symptoms. Our Ambler & Horsham Chiropractic office believes each patient deserves a healthy, pain free life. Call us at 215-542-2273.

Why Choose Us?

With over 14 years of experience, Ambler & Horsham Chiropractor Dr. Solomon and Dr. Seung Kim can help you discover a pain free, healthy life. Dr. Solomon is a Pennsylvania Board Certified, Licensed Chiropractor every patient can be assured they are in good hands. The Wellness Studio has a genuine concern for your health & well being. Schedule a visit and learn how you can start living a healthier life.

If you live in the Ambler or Horsham area and struggle with back pain, neck pain, headaches & migraines, or fibromyalgia - Visit The Wellness Studio & discover a healthier life!

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The Wellness Studio & Chiropractic
1837 Norristown Rd, Studio A
Ambler, PA 19002

Phone: (215) 542-2273